Gitlab, as a todo list.

So you spend your days in GitHub/GitLab/Pagure/Cogs/BitBucket/Whatever issues. The structure is quite neat.

Labels/tags as issue type and topic. If there’s too many issues about one topic, they get their own repo. This is how I ended up with having a dedicated namespace (group) on GitLab. Here’s a few labels of mine:

  • FF Add-Ons
  • (Improvements to)Workflow
  • Feeds (Did I say I like RSS)
  • Issue Tree (The ‘need to discover’
  • closing this issue will definitely open up at least 5 more.)
  • New (Areas of interest
  • that I’m not experienced in)
  • Self-Hosting
  • zsh
  • k8s

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2020-05-24 00:00 0000